Transparency and cooperation are two major factors for achieving good board portal technology

Using the board portal technology in daily corporate practice, the company can use the time allotted for meetings as efficiently as possible. This article will explain how to achieve maximum transparency and cooperation with a board portal in corporate management.

The essence of the board portal technology

Nowadays, even the most conservative companies have discovered the opportunity to collect online a large number of employees related to different levels of management and functions and located in different places. Board portal solutions are designed for organizing efficient collaboration of collegial bodies.

Board portal solutions like Board Room Mind provide a secure digital working environment for collegial bodies. The system allows you to organize meetings and track the implementation of instructions. The communication and documentation block in the board software contains functional modules that ensure the successful communication of participants in the project activities. The employees will always have the necessary documents and data for decision-making, and the changes in the project will allow you to find out the configured notifications quickly.

How does it work?

With a process approach to corporate management, you can follow it in real-time. All the necessary tools for the manager's work are collected in one place. Contractors and board members have complete information about the project's current state, work, available resources, possible risks, etc. When all the information on the projects is collected together and is always at the employee at hand, it is more convenient to make decisions and plan further actions quickly.

The list of tasks and capabilities of the board software includes:

  • Plan meetings on the online calendar
  • Preparation and conduct of meetings of governing bodies
  • Formation and approval of the agenda of the meeting
  • Formation and automation of documents templates
  • Electronic storage of documents
  • Receiving, viewing, reviewing, and joint editing materials at meetings
  • Holding a meeting in full-time or in absentia form
  • Voting on the meeting
  • Automatic formation of the minutes of the meeting
  • Coordination of the minutes of the meeting
  • Monitoring the execution of instructions and reporting
  • Statistical reports of the activities of collegial bodies.

So, we will not go into technical details here. We only note that the specific tasks related to meetings are automated in this solution, and integration with the board portal, the use of uniform principles when working with tasks, and the ability to view meetings on the “desktop” allow board members to work in a single information environment.

How to gain transparency while using board portals?

Corporate work in the digital system helps the organization's management to exclude loss of information and monitor the execution of decisions of collegial bodies. To ordinary employees and participants in the meetings, work in the board software allows you to save time and effort that were previously spent on routine operations to prepare meetings and process their results. The whole history of discussions is preserved in the board portal after coming to a consensus. The discussion results can be included in the responsible employee directly in the document's text, and the formal approval procedure will be continued without disagreement. It is important to note that when discussing, users can use expanded text formatting, insert pictures into the text and copy entire pieces from the documents office formats.